In case if in Your factory are installed old boilers or equipment which efficiency doesn’t satisfy You or You think about potential efficiency increase, we offer you to estimate the possibility to change old boilers and equipment or make some efficiency increasing activities. Modern boilers ensure higher efficiency due to it’s design, size and insulation properties.
Further in this section You can find our offered boilers and additional equipment for boiler houses:
- steam boilers;
- steam generators;
- water heating boilers;
- boiler automatics and regulating accessories;
- economizers;
- deaerators;
- blowdown vessels;
- water treatment equipment;
- water sample coolers;
- blowdown systems;
- water accumulating vessels;
- boilers.
In our boilers may be used following combustibles:
- natural gas;
- liquid propane gas (LPG);
- light oil;
- heavy oil.
We offer following water heating boilers:
- water heating boilers with capacity 22 kW – 12000 kW;
- water heating condensing boilers with capacity 68 kW – 2300 kW.
We offer following steam boilers:
- two pass and three pass steam boilers with capacity 70 kW – 11600 kW and steam production 100 kg/h – 17000 kg/h;
- electrical steam generators with capacity 7 kW – 180 kW and steam production 9,5 kg/h – 244,5 kg/h;
- steam generators with capacity 84 kW – 5582 kW and steam production 120 kg/h – 8000 kg/h.
We offer following overheated water boilers:
- two pass and three pass overheated water boilers with capacity 233 kW – 11628 kW.
We offer following diathermal oil generators:
- diathermal oil generators with capacity 116 kW – 9302 kW.
We offer following evaporators:
- evaporators with capacity 233 kW – 9302 kW and steam production 340 kg/h – 13600 kg/h.
We ask You to advise us in case if You already have our partner installed equipment and You have any questions or need some clarifications!