Water treatment

The purpose of fluids in heating and cooling systems is to transport hot or cold water to where it is needed. The optimum conditions for this are a clean system with fluid that contains as little air and dirt as possible. If air and dirt are not sufficiently removed, all sorts of malfunctions and problems may occur:
- decreased efficiency of equipment;
- wear of the equipment is accelerated;
- increased breakdown periods;
- decreased pump performance;
- noise;
- system imbalance;
- necessity of manual air removal from the system.

For air and dirt removal from the system may be used:
- automatic air vents;
- micro bubble degassers (separators);
- degassers (vacuum degassers membrane degassers);
- dirt separators;
- combined air and dirt separators equipped with automatic air vents;
- air and dirt filters.

During water treatment for boilers it is necessary to control salt and iron content in steam boiler’s feed water and heating boiler’s water making regular water tests. The following equipment may be used for water treatment:
- iron removal equipment;
- water softeners;
- reverse osmosis facilities.

In addition to water treatment facilities might be applied chemical reagents to keep water quality in range of defined value.

Further in this section You can find part of our offered water treatment facilities and their maintenance description. This facilities will increase the efficiency of boiler house equipment and will prolong it’s operating life.

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