Depending on type of boiler (water heating boiler or steam boiler), design, boiler’s load (30% - 100%) and type of fuel changes exhaust gas temperature:
- water heating boilers: 120°C – 200°C;
- steam boilers: 230°C – 330°C.
Energy contained in exhaust gases can be used for boiler’s water and feed water previous heating using economizers. Economizers are special exhaust gases / water heat exchangers, what are produced from large number of smooth or ribbed pipes.
Condensing economizers increase total (boiler and economizer) efficiency for 4% - 11%.
Economizers which don’t reach exhaust gas condensation increase total (boiler and economizer) efficiency for 4% - 7%.
Further You will find information from one of many economizer producers. According to Your requirement and exhaust gas parameters we will be able to offer or produce exactly for You suitable economizer.
In case if You are not sure in sufficiently economizer will increase boiler’s efficiency, contact us! Our engineers will answer to Your questions estimating boiler’s working conditions and parameters.

Download this file (Buklets.pdf)Ygnis economizers