Here will be info about burners.
SIA „Ekotermija” is in close cooperation with UAB „Termolink” in such way providing continuous service for clients in Latvia and Lithuania and offering to our clients very wide range of products and spare parts in heating equipment area. For our clients we offer monoblock burners with capacity 17 kW – 17000 kW and duoblock burners with capacity 350 kW – 25000 kW and additional burner accessories:
- gas burners with capacity 17 kW – 17000 kW;
- light oil burners with capacity 18 kW – 17000 kW;
- heavy oil burners with capacity 68 kW – 17000 kW;
- combined burners (gas/light oil) with capacity 190 kW – 17000 kW;
- combined burners (gas/heavy oil) with capacity 414 kW – 17000 kW;
- gas trains;
- relays;
- control automatics;
- silencers;
- gas governors;
- filters;
- antivibration coupling;
- gas tightness control blocks;
- pressure probe;
- temperature probe;
- modulation groups;
- fuel pumps.
For your convenience we can offer also biogas burners. In case with biogas burners we have to receive basic data about gas compounds for calculations to prepare most corresponding to Your needs proposal.
We ask You to advise us in case if You already have our partner installed equipment and You have any questions or need some clarifications!

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